Balance training

  Equilibrium is defined as a person's ability to maintain a stable position of the body at rest or in a variety of movements.The human body keeps balance through activity of various systems of the human organism: vestibular apparatus of the central nervous system, internal receptors (muscles, ligaments, joints), external receptors (auditory, visual) etc. It is important to train balance everlastingly. A good balance function allows you to learn quickly to ride a bike, to skate, to ski, helps to prevent injuries in the declension of years or to achieve better sporting results.

  Research has shown a positive influence of instability on training and rehabilitation process. Unstable support complicates the balancing of the body and activates a feedback system: the muscles proprioreceptors responsive to the smallest change in muscle length (Honeycutt et al. 2012) send afferent nerve impulses about the changing position of the body.

  Despite the aforementioned benefits of unstable workout most of exercisers used in health and fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, or simply use at home gyms are stable, i.e. does not demand to maintain a balance during exercising, so the training is a little incomplete.

  Unstable exerciser REHABILI is designed in order to ensure not only strengthening the overall physical condition (strength and endurance), but also to develop the accuracy of motion, coordination, thereby improving the human posture. Due to its original design REHABILI simulates the state of the boat floating in the water, which is unstable. At the beginning some difficulties in maintaining balance when training on REHABILI may arise for persons having locomotion apparatus health problems, so it has installed passive stabilization system helping in this. It can be adjusted depending on the user’s weight and balance ability by changing the height and stiffness of the side supports. There is a possibility to completely stabilize the simulator – in this case the exercising on REHABILI will match training on regular rowing machines.