Muscle building

  It is necessary to be physically active from childhood to old age, because regular physical activity is important for good human health. Each individual chooses how to improve physical capacity and strengthen the muscles, but only a few ways allow versatile training of the body.

  Scientific researches demonstrated that the instability during strength workouts causes additional stress of the nervous and muscle systems, consequently muscles work more actively than in case of the conventional force training simulators, muscles strength increases, coordination of movements is trained. Nervous system coordinating movements regulates muscles external force: some muscles are hold down, while others – activated (Sporrong et al). Many researchers have confirmed that the adaptation of nervous system is very important to bring up to larger force of muscle i.e., strengthen the external and deep muscles, improve the body's endurance.

  Building of the deep muscles is very important for people permanently suffering from the back pain. Back pain is often associated with the lack of stability and endurance shortages of the deep inner dorsal and abdominal muscles. When muscles supporting spine are trained insufficiently the risk of the back pain or even injury occurs. Muscular endurance of people working in sedentary jobs also suffers, because muscles freeze due to too small activity and even chronic pain may arise (which can be seen by the human posture).

  It is enough to practice with REHABILI for 40 minutes a day for healing the back pain, improve posture and prevent back pain. Unlike other exercisers, REHABILI has an exceptional feature allowing a person to practice in instable conditions. Due to the unique design REHABILI allows to train strength and endurance of most muscle groups of the human body, movement coordination and accuracy. A comprehensive training, which makes it easier to attain healthier body, is gained by combining benefits of instability and motion kinematics, corresponding rowing. Different exercises give the possibility to train different muscles groups.

  REHABILI may be also recommended in rehabilitation period, when it is important to restore physical capacity gradually. The simulator is controlled and regulated easily by setting the resistance level and instability of the simulator according to the patient's physical condition: from the minimum up to workload demanding serious efforts.