Safety is the key condition of each workout, especially in case when technical means are used. Both for muscle education and wellness promotion purposes it is important not to overdo and to train progressively.

  Back strengthening exercises for balance are recommended for individuals with known neurological and musculoskeletal diseases, health promotion and/or rehabilitation period. The effect of these exercises is stronger if they are performed in instability, when it comes to not only overcome the resistance generated by the exerciser, but also to maintain balance.

  Rowing machine REHABILI, which simulates kinematics of rowing (sculling), may be distinguished due to variety of exercises and instability, which enhances the benefits of exercising, because it helps to train not only the limbs and surfasic trunk muscles, but also deep muscles groups. Training on REHABILI not only activates more muscles, but their activity during the exercise cycle is maintained longer, thus risk of injury is reduced compared to cases when other exercisers are used.

  REHABILI is completely safe to use as the resistance on the lever simulating oar handle only works as long as it is pulled by user. It has possibility to set the level of training difficulty by adjusting the resistance generated by hydraulic cylinders, the maximum tilt angle and instability (by adjusting side supports).

  Security is also guaranteed by the fact that the simulator is developed in cooperation of scientists of various fields of research. Its unique design is protected by Lithuanian and international patents. Exercises effect is tested extensively and health’s benefits of training with REHABILI is proven in laboratory studies. The simulator meets the requirements of EN 957 standard (it is certified according to S / I class, that means it is safe for people with special needs and /or for commercial use).