REHABILI is unstable rowing (sculling) simulator with unique patented design.

  The simulator has original suspension, which makes it possible to simulate the swings of the floating boat about transverse axis and displacement in the vertical direction. In addition, the simulator has a passive stabilization system which helps to maintain equilibrium. REHABILI can be adjusted depending on the exerciser physical condition, weight and ability to maintain balance. It has the possibility to adjust resistance force level, permissible angle of tilt and the level of instability. It is possible to completely restrict the mobility thus ensuring full stability of simulator. In this case, training mode corresponds to the physical exercises on regular rowing simulators. 

  REHABILI covers benefits of typical workout with rowing simulator (development of strength and endurance or cardiovascular system) and advantages of unstable training.

  With REHABILI, like many other rowing simulators, you can develop strength of number of muscle groups and endurance, but because of the unique design it possesses the following advantages:

  • more different groups of muscles are activated;
  • the accuracy  and coordination of movements is developed;
  • muscle activity lasts longer during the cycle of workout;
  • the risk of injury is reduced;
  • not only superficial muscles but also groups of deep muscles are trained;
  • feedback systems of sensory is developed;
  • neuromuscular imbalance is reduced;
  • the human posture is improved.

  REHABILI is created and tested by researches of three Lithuanian universities KUT (Kaunas University of Technology), LUHS (Lithuanian University oh Health Sciences) and LSU (Lithuanian Sports University).

  The simulator meets the requirements of EN 957 standard (it is certified according to S / I class, that means it is safe for people with special needs and/or for commercial use).REHABILI simulator is patented (Lithuanian and international patents).

  You can get acquainted with REHABILI simulator and variety of exercises while watching the video below. Also You could download special recommendatory exercises for trainings with REHABILI.